Westway LAB is Portugal’s first showcase festival and PRO Conference. Since it was founded in 2014 it has successfully reinforced its mission: to use music to achieve cultural, social and economic transformation, enabling construction of sustainable paths for the internationalisation of Portuguese music, musicians and music professionals.
For the sixth consecutive year, and over a 4-day period this spring, Guimarães will become a city of music, through the innovative organisation of an event based on mastering the 3 P’s: Process (Artistic Residencies), Pensamento/Thought (PRO Conferences & Talks) and Product (Showcases & Concerts).
A group of over national and international 200 professionals will engage in an interested and attentive discussion of the challenges posed by worldwide acceleration. Artists from various parts of the world will also meet to create and demonstrate their talent, through artistic residencies or showcases.
The goal to expand Westway LAB – the festival’s formative dimension from the outset – this year achieves worldwide expression with a country tribute to Canada: one of the world’s most exciting countries in terms of musical exports.
The festival belongs to the European networks (ETEP and INES) which make a decisive contribution to an important architecture of relationships that they propagate, by bringing cultural and economic value to this specific ecosystem.
By continuing to think about the cosmos from this unique place, Westway LAB has created a powerful world of possibilities on a human scale, in which generated time and space have made it possible to recover the original meaning of the word “quality”.
Not everything that goes on here can be expressed in words, so discover and allow yourself to be discovered, but don’t keep your distance, because the byword is inclusion!
Rui Torrinha


Westway Lab Festival is a collaborative platform, a living and organic laboratory, of experimentation and stimulus to creativity whose goal is to bring together, in the same city, acclaimed and emerging, international and national, innovative and purists artists during a period of music creation, video, urban interventions, architecture and thought played out through the development of activities such as artistic residencies, creative ateliers, showcases, concerts and talks.

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