Candidaturas | Residências Artísticas

Já se encontram abertas as candidaturas dirigidas a músicos nacionais para as Residências Artísticas da 4ª edição do Westway LAB Festival!

A edição de 2017 prepara-se novamente para promover 4 residências artísticas no Centro De Criação De Candoso que consistirão num importante momento para novos encontros e cruzamentos de diferentes realidades culturais entre músicos nacionais e internacionais, encontros estes que geram sempre incríveis possibilidades criativas a descobrir nos showcases finais. Exemplo do potencial criativo destes cruzamentos são os dois projetos musicais que nasceram fruto do trabalho conjunto nas residências da última edição do festival: The Melonas (Ivan & The Parazol (HU) + We Bless This Mess (PT)) e Phila (Lucas San (PT) + Bowrain (SLO)).

As candidaturas encerram no dia 15 de fevereiro:



GIGMIT Showcases

Showcase applications for international musicians open until February 15!

The selected musicians/bands will have the opportunity to perform on the international stage of Westway LAB Festival.


O desafio é forte e original


Até 15 de abril, o Centro de Criação de Candoso acolhe as Residências Artísticas, que este ano juntam Rui Souza (PT), Dede (UK), Seru (Serushiô) (PT), Pedro Lucas (MEDEIROS/LUCAS) (PT), Bowrain (SLO), We Bless This Mess (PT), Rolando Babo (PT) e Ivan & István (Ivan & The Parazol) (HU) rumo à criação musical. O resultado é apresentado em Showcases nos dias 14 e 15 no Café Concerto do CCVF.

Until April 15th, the Artistic Residencies happen at Candoso Creation Centre, this year bringing together  Rui Souza (PT), Dede (UK), Seru (Serushiô) (PT), Pedro Lucas (MEDEIROS/LUCAS) (PT), Bowrain (SLO), We Bless This Mess (PT), Rolando Babo (PT) and Ivan & István (Ivan & The Parazol) (HU) towards musical creation. The result is presented in showcases on 14 and 15 at the CCVF Café Concerto.

Speakers ’16

Westway PRO ’16 is proud to present:

Charles Caldas, MERLIN

With 20 years of experience within the independent music industry, Charles Caldas is particularly passionate about using his skills and knowledge to ensuring that the independent sector moves into the new world of emerging technology and distribution in the healthiest, fairest and strongest manner possible.

During his long-term position as CEO of Shock Records, Australia’s largest and highest-profile independent music company, he gained a deep understanding of the mechanics, drivers and needs of this sector, including its regional issues. He was also heavily involved in new and emerging media technology initiatives.

Charles has been on the boards of ARIA, AIR and WIN, and has been a speaker at many conferences around the globe. He is presently the CEO of MERLIN.

Merlin is about enhancing independents ability to compete in the ever changing market by creating access to new revenue streams for labels and ensuring that services have the access to the widest range of independent repertoire possible.

Helen Smith, IMPALA

Smith is IMPALA’s Executive Chair and Secretary General, based in Brussels. Originally from Scotland, Helenmanages the secretariat and drives the organisation’s key strategies on a political, commercial and promotional level. She developed IMPALA’s award schemes to give independent labels and their artists an additional promotional tool. She also helped thousands of independent companies and artists make their collective voice heard in the European Courts when they won a landmark merger judgement. She also developed the IMPALA Action Plan for Music, the Action Plan for Finance, and more recently IMPALA’s Digital Action Plan to promote Europe’s Digital Single Market through culture. 

Robert Singerman, LyricFind / SIM / CMW

Known for developing talent and new music business technologies, as an entrepreneur, agent, manager, label executive, consultant, producer, and music supervisor, Singerman represented R.E.M., Gipsy Kings, James Brown, Suzanne Vega, Violent Femmes, 10,000 Maniacs, Smithereens, Fela Kuti, Bad Brains, pre-Beastie Boys, and King Sunny Ade, among many other artists, and companies such as Roadrunner in their US launch.

Robert directed the EU funded European Music Office, US and French Music Export Office, North America. He represents the Brasil Music Exchange in North America, funded by the trade organization, APEX, through Brasil Musica & Artes.

His main mission is giving music subtitle solutions, so that music becomes truly global, through the universal understanding of the lyrics. He’s been working at LyricFind, currently as VP, International Publishing, to license and then market the rights to monetize legal lyrics and lyric translations from the publishers and songwriters around the globe on all digital and mobile platforms and devices.

He’s given keynote speeches, moderated panels and spoken at conferences and Universities worldwide, including NYU, SIM, Brazil Ministry of Culture, Rio Info, Rio Music Buzz, Canadian Music Week, Westway Lab, BIME, MaMa, SXSW,

Midem, Womex, CMJ, NMS, SyncSummit, Digital Hollywood, Reeperbahn, Caribbean Music Summit, Medimex, FIM, Circlulart, Live at Heart, Waves, WAMI, SF Music Tech, Popkomm, Midem, Jamaica’s Tourism Summit and Reggae Month, and the World Cultural Economic Forum. He’s helping create a “tour” of four South American music conferences in Dec., 2016.

Robert’s a partner in AudioPorto, Heaven11 and SyncSummit, among other music and tech companies. LyricFind and legal lyric translations is his main focus, and he consults other companies such as Dotmusic, (.MUSIC), Bandsquare, Canadian Music Week, IQzic, SIM, and is on the Board of Directors/Advisors of Songtradr, Marcato and Make Music New York.


Daryl Bamonte, Bamonte Management / Schubert Publishing UK

Daryl Bamonte – with over 35 years of experience in the music industry -first began working for his childhood friends, Depeche Mode, in 1980 while still attending school and spent more than 15 years with them full time, in various roles including tour manager, project manager (albums) and eventually as keyboard player, replacing Andy Fletcher for the final legs of the Devotional Tour in 1994.

During these years he took time out to tour with The Cure and in 1995 he began working with them full time, in similar roles to those he had with Depeche Mode and additionally as Executive Producer on ‘The Cure’ album and the ‘Trilogy’ DVD.

In 2005 he left to set up Bamonte Artist Management and has represented various musicians/writers/producers and has also acted as label manager for a number of their releases. In 2011 he wrote the lyrics for the ‘Nameless’ album by Compact Space, which was released worldwide by Ferryhouse Productions.

Today, Daryl is the Managing Director for Schubert Music Publishing UK and is also still managing artists.

Matjaz Mancek, MENT / Kino Siska

Actively involved in music world since 1996 as a musician (various noise rock, free improv and experimental bands and projects), radio activist (Radio Študent music editor and dj; started Klubski Maraton of Radio Študent project in 2001; co-coordinator of CrossRadio network of ex-Yugoslavian independent radio stations from 2001 – 2007), club dj, promoter and producer of local and international music events (editor at rx:tx music label 2004/5; established Kataman Music Action in 2005 and run its activities till 2009; Head of Music Programme at Kino Šiška from 2009 on; co-founder and co-manager of MENT Ljubljana.

Markus Linde, Thag’s Agent

Music Business veteran of some 30 years, Markus Linde was involved in promotion, marketing, label management and A&R and was also head of the Alternative Department at CBS, BMG and SONY Music Germany.

He was also a Partner/Director at Freibank, renowned independent music publisher, as well as being experienced in artist management, label management for soundtrack label Koenigskinder Music and Rotschopf Records, an artist label.

He is the Founder / Owner of That’s Agent, a counselling agency specialised in the field of synch music for commercials with a client base including VW, BMW, Opel, Samsung, Saturn, Braun, Citroen, Ebay and many more.

Markus will be joining our publishing and sync panel. 

Dr. Alick Sethi, Retox Clinic

‘Variety is the spice of life’, so the saying goes…
During the 1990s, Alick was starting a PhD in Chemistry (not the standard route into music supervision), and also discovering the wonderful world of alternative music.
This second love led to eight years hosting a national radio show (The Electric Cafe), meeting this musical heroes for interviews and guest features, and sharing his love of music with an audience.
After graduating, it slowly dawned on Alick that music was the way forward. A strange epiphany followed, namely that everything we see on TV and film has been soundtracked or scored, normally by an expert in the field.
Back in the early noughties, this domain was still rather small and still-to-develop, so Alick decided to start the Retox Music Clinic – a place where films and image get treated and applied with music to suit them.
His speciality was in small indie bands and labels, discovering them and sharing them, mostly with people working in advertising. However soon this grew into much more – full music searches, licensing famous and indie songs, working with composers, and even doing the whole soundtrack and score for feature films. Today Retox works mostly in so called ‘new markets’, Russia, the Far east, Central Europe to name a but a few.
Now with more new projects on the way, 2016 and beyond look to be exciting times…
Charlie Phillips, WIN – World Independent Network

WIN (the Worldwide Independent Network) is a representative organization exclusively for the worldwide independent music community. It was founded in July 2006 in response to business, creative and market access issues faced by the independent sector everywhere.

For independent music companies and their national trade associations worldwide, WIN is a collective voice and platform. When appropriate it also acts as an advocate, instigator and facilitator for its continually growing membership. WIN is also a focal point for collecting and sharing knowledge about the indie sector at national and international levels. WIN takes its direction from the WIN Council of leading independent music company heads from all the key markets around the world.

WIN’s membership stretches across every continent, with trade associations in all the well-developed legitimate music markets taking a particularly active role  – including AIM (UK), A2IM (USA), AIR (Australia), CIMA (Canada), VUT (Germany), IMNZ (New Zealand) , AIRCO (South Africa), UFI (Spain); APROFIP (Peru); ABMI (Brazil)  – and Impala representing the whole of Europe.

– See more at:

BIME-WESTWAY Managers’ Exchange Programme:

Pau Vargas

Pau Vargas began his career 20 years ago as a concert hall programmer, to concert promoter, director of one of the important venues in the Catalan music scene. For more than 5 years he is director of the management office Panda Artist Management


Panda Artist Management was created with the intention to move forward step by step toward a better and more professional way to manage emotions and contexts of what stirs our soul: music in every one of its forms and expressions.

Panda Artist Management carries the management, among others, of Berri Txarrak, a band that sings in Basque. Berri Txarrak, in 20-year career, has toured the world, including tours in Europe and South America with Rise Against, opening for Deftones or Sick Of It All … performances at major festivals such as Hellfest (France), Fuji Rock ( Japan), South by Southwest (USA), Canadian Music Fest (Canada), Wilwarin (Germany), Resurrection, Bilbao BBK Live, Azkena Rock Festival … as well as several tours of UK, USA and Asia.

Berri Txarrak has worked closely with world-class producers like Steve Albini, Ross Robinson (At the Drive-In, Slipknot, The Cure …), Bill Stevenson (Rise Against, NOFX …) or Ed Rose. They achieved the vox-pop award for ‘Best Punk Song ‘ in the INTERNATIONAL MUSIC AWARDS -IMA- 2010. They reached the top 6 lists Spanish official sales (something that had never happened before with a group that sings entirely in Basque). They have spent more than a decade monopolizing the ‘Best Album of the Year’ and ‘Best Live Act’ lists in Spanish magazines like Rock Sound, Mondosonoro, Kerrang !, Ruta 66, Rockzone or Entzun.

Unai Fresnedo

Concert promoter since 1990, Unai Fresnedo started a fanzine few years before and has since gone through all areas: record label, agent, producer, manager …

Specialized in rap and reggae, Radiation works all music genres (flamenco, world music, rock …)

Currently he is manager of Spanish artists like Natos and Waor, Suite Soprano, Ajax and Prok, Foyone …

It also carries the exclusive booking of several international artists in Spain (Public Enemy, Kiril Djaikovski, Inna Modja, Godspeed You Black Emperor …) and are rap festival organizers Carpe Diem, on 2 July in Madrid Getafe.

Westway LAB Festival 2015

A edição de 2015 do Westway LAB Festival prepara-se para trazer à cidade de Guimarães, pelo segundo ano consecutivo, muita música e criatividade, reunindo um conjunto de artistas nacionais e internacionais, consagrados e emergentes, assim como profissionais internacionais da indústria musical. Aguarde mais novidades brevemente!

The 2015 edition of Westway LAB Festival is preparing to bring to the city of Guimarães, once again, lots of music and creativity, meeting a set of national and international artists, established and emerging, as well as international music industry professionals. More information coming soon!

“Smoke Signals” / Glen Calleja

WESTWAY LAB 3.0 | Smoke Signals / Glen Calleja
“Smoke Signals” é um projeto singular que marca, de forma muito especial, o terceiro momento do WestWay Lab Festival.

Na noite de 05 de julho, celebraremos o terceiro momento do WestWay Lab Festival com um projeto muito especial. Pelas 21h00 revelaremos os vídeos produzidos durante o momento 1.0, com projeção de um mini documentário e outros registos artísticos, reveladores das diferentes dimensões deste projeto especial, permitindo a fruição, por todos os públicos, dos principais resultados desenvolvidos neste contexto.
“Smoke Signals” é o título do outro momento de encerramento do WestWay Lab Festival, da autoria de Glen Calleja, artista de Malta, que irá mostrar as experiências quotidianas de três cidadãos vimaranenses com mais de 90 anos, cujo foco essencial é a perceção e uso da cozinha enquanto espaço. O projeto tem uma parte de documentário e outra de poesia, bem como uma fusão de reportagem, pesquisa e interpretação para criar uma reflexão sobre a vida em Guimarães.
Adere e participa no evento do facebook aqui.

“Smoke Signals” is a unique performance which marks the third gathering of the WestWay Lab Festival in a truly exceptional way.
In the night of July 5th, we will celebrate the third gathering of the WestWay Lab Festival with a very special event. At about 9pm, we will show the videos produced during Gathering Nº 1 as well as a mini-documentary and other exhibitions that show the variety of scope attained by this special project, which allows the general public to develop within the broadest of scopes.
“Smoke Signals” is the title of the WestWay Lab Festival’s closing performance, created by Glen Calleja, an artist from Malta who will shed light on the daily experiences of three Guimarães residents over the age of 90, focusing essentially on their daily use of the kitchen space. The performance is part documentary and part poetry, as well as a blend of reporting, research and interpretation in the context of reflecting upon life in Guimarães.

Join and participate the facebook event here.

WESTWAY LAB FESTIVAL 1.0 (Guimarães 2014)

E aqui está o vídeo resumo dos momentos que rechearam WestWay Lab Festival 1.0!
Residências Artísticas, Talks, Showcases, Debates, Workshops, Keynote speeches e Concertos constituíram o programa do primeiro momento do festival, entre os dias 01 e 19 de abril, em Guimarães, com a participação de artistas e profissionais do universo musical nacional e internacional.

And here is the summary video of moments that marked the WestWay Lab Festival 1.0!
Artist Residencies, Talks, Showcases, Debates, Workshops, Keynote speeches and Concerts filled this first moment of the festival, between 01 and 19 April in Guimarães, with the participation of artists and professionals of the national and international musical universe.

Concerto dos We Trust encerra WestWay Lab 2.0

O segundo momento do WestWay Lab termina com um concerto dos We Trust, projeto que tem como mentor André Tentugal e que se tem vindo a afirmar junto dos fãs e da crítica, confirmando o talento desta banda emergente.
Após dois anos de retiro criativo, os We Trust inauguram assim a sua tour 2014 no #CCVF, em #Guimarães, para apresentar o novo trabalho, cujo single de apresentação é uma canção épica dedicada às pessoas e que muitos já chamam de hino – “We Are The Ones” -, um apelo ao positivismo, um grito de esperança, esse motor que faz com que o mundo não pare de girar.
Os bilhetes para o concerto já se encontram disponíveis neste link. Mais informação em

The second moment of WestWay Lab ends with a concert by We Trust, a project mentored by André Tentúgal that has been hailed among public and the specialty media critics, confirming the talent of this emerging band.
After two years on creative retreat, a first sample of his new album has been released, the premiere single, “We Are The Ones,” which has been winning over all who have heard it. This is an impressive song dedicated to people, one which many have hailed as a hymn, a song which rallies to the notion of unity and change.

Tickets for the concert are now available at this link. More information at

Ghost Capsules + José Figueiredo (lab experiment #2)

Novo vídeo da criação musical dos GHOST CAPSULES (Laura Gomez e Georg Lichtenauer) com José Figueiredo (peixe : avião), resultado da sua residência artística e participação no WestWayLab Festival 1.0, em Guimarães.

New music video of Ghost Capsules (Laura Gomez and Georg Lichtenauer) with José Figueiredo (peixe : avião), a result of their residency and participation at WestWayLab Festival 1.0 in Guimarães.

Westway Lab Festival is a collaborative platform, a living and organic laboratory, of experimentation and stimulus to creativity whose goal is to bring together, in the same city, acclaimed and emerging, international and national, innovative and purists artists during a period of music creation, video, urban interventions, architecture and thought played out through the development of activities such as artistic residencies, creative ateliers, showcases, concerts and talks.