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Westway LAB PRO Conferences 2019

For the upcoming 6th edition of Westway LAB, Portugal’s first showcase festival & conference expands its three main conference streams, Westway PRO, INES Sessions and the WHY Portugal Event through the addition of a central Westway LAB Lounge, a permanent networking lounge open throughout the event, offering registered delegates a space dedicated to their formal & informal networking, besides the conferences, roundtables and panels. An environment that constitutes another step forward, as the LAB monicker does not apply exclusively to the Artist Residencies: Westway is also a LABoratory for new projects, new ideias, new partnerships and new horizons. From Westway LAB’s first edition, back in 2014, to the present, this has always been an intrinsic part of the Westway DNA.

As such, in addition to the above-mentioned three conference streams, the Westway PRO, INES PRO e WHY Portugal Event, the on-going partnership with AMAEI, the Portuguese Independent Music Trade Association brings to Guimarães a new European project, Europe in Synch: a Music Moves Europe preparatory action under the “Training of Young Professionals” call. It is also fitting in that the idea for the project was born at Westway LAB, precisely two years ago.

Furthermore, the partnership with the GDA Foundation also affirms, this year, the dedication of the GDA Foundation in utilizing technologies as tools for music circulation. The GDA panel will thus present us with two Portuguese home-grown platforms seeking new solutions to this age-old challenge: how to tour more. Finally, through a new partnership with Audiogest, the phonogram producers society, we are happy to feature a Portuguese Keynote speaker and “State of the Art of the Portuguese Industry” roundtable, as well as host not just the second edition of the WHY Portugal Event, run by Portugal’s export office for music, but also a meeting of EMEE – European Music Exporters Exchange, bringing 28 European Export Offices to Portugal.

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Tuesday April 9th

EMEE – European Music Exporters Meeting (Invitation Only)

12:00 – 18:00

Conference Room S3

Wednesday April 10th

EUROPE in SYNCH Workshop (Sign-Up Only)

10:00 – 16:00

Conference Room S3

Musical supervisors Markus Linde (Thag’s Agent, Hamburg) and Nis Bogvad (Copenhagen Film Music) will promote the European project “Europe in Synch” on the first day of Westway LAB 2019 in partnership with AMAEI, the Portuguese Independent Music Trade Association. The project aims to address the general lack of knowledge with regards to synchronizations, aimed at young music professionals: the licensing of musical works for audio-visual programs of cinema or advertising. The morning part is dedicated to the presentation of “catalysts” from the world of cinema and advertising that come to explain their workflows to 10 participants from the world of music: composers, labels, publishers. Each one exposes their way of working, both on the side of cinema and advertising as on the side of music. In the afternoon, they present concrete projects and / or recent case studies to demonstrate in practice how to place music in movies. In addition to being a truly empowering information journey, both for the cinema and advertising side and for the young professionals from the music world, it is a practical and truly European approach with the aim of placing and circulating more European music in films and advertising, which won the support of Creative Europe through the preparatory action fund “Music Moves Europe”.

Places are limited. Registration for the participation in the Europe in Synch Workshop will take place in the second half of March and will be announced by AMAEI and the new upcoming website of the Europe in Synch project.

14:00 Registration – CC Vila Flor Cultural Centre – Large Auditorium Foyer: WESTWAY LAB LOUNGE

15:00 Welcome Coffee – WESTWAY LAB LOUNGE

16:00 INES 1 – European Agents’ Panel – Palácio Vila Flor – Conference Room S2

Three European Agents (Reinhold Seyfriedsberger, Spoon Agency AT; Davide Mancini, Musicstrada, IT; and Tabeah Berler, Pon’t Danic, DE) discuss their artist rosters and their experience with working European artists at home and abroad.

17:00 Opening Networking Session – WESTWAY LAB LOUNGE

The foyer of the CCVF’s Large Auditorium hosts this year a brand new space for Westway PRO: the Westway LAB Lounge. A space dedicated to informal networking, speed meetings, and project presentation. Kicking things off? The vinho verde “happy hour” networking session Wednesday afternoon.

18:30 Artist Talks

Thursday April 11th

10:00 WESTWAY PRO: Music Supervision in the US – Palácio Vila Flor – Conference Room S4

In a developed market such as the US, large advertising agencies not only know and recognize the importance of well-trained music supervision, but also hire music supervisors to integrate their own teams full-time. Lisa Hresko of A2IM (AMAEI’s North American counterpart) comes to Westway LAB to introduce us to Dan Burt (J Walther Thompson) and Eric Johnson (McCann) aka DJ Bunny Ears …!

10:00 INES 2 – Digital Royalty & Rights Accounting – Palácio Vila Flor – Room S2

Big data, little money? The digital eco-system presents increasing challenges in the proper accounting and reporting of digital royalties, copyright and related rights to artists, authors-composers and publishers. Chris Chambers presents Backbeat: a functional solution for labels and publishers that can help with all this number crunching in the new era of micro-payments. It even speaks CWR!

11:00 WHY Portugal Event: Showcase Festivals & Conferences Workshop: How to prepare yourself!

Palácio Vila Flor – Workshop Room S3

Playing a showcase festival is not at all an experience that resembles a normal concert performance. If on one hand it requires detailed background preparation, b2b thinking, and hours of homework dedicated to the usefulness of the contacts potentially made with the audience of music professionals to whom we want to get our artists’ music, on the other hand there is the need to be technically more agile, travel light, and be as adaptable as possible with regard to the logistics of the show itself: we have to present ourselves in the simplest, most sensible and secure way, ensuring that we grab the interest of this professional audience in the first minutes of a showcase performance …

11:30 INES 3 – Take a Stand! – Palácio Vila Flor – Conference Room S2

Fruzsina Szép is the director of the Lollapalooza Berlin Festival and is part of the Directorate of the Association of Yourope Festivals. Before, she was artistic director of the Sziget festival in Hungary. She also leads the “Take a Stand!” Project for all Europeans and human beings who believe in peace, inclusion and dialogue.

12:00 WESTWAY PRO: Blurred LInes: where does composition end and production start these days?

Palácio Vila Flor – Conference Room S4

Music production has never been so closely linked to the composition process itself as it is today: the two creative processes are often confused in the simultaneous course of a session: “beats” become instrumental backing songs that often become the basis of complete works of the most varied styles. The processes are therefore mixing more and more … not to mention related complex issues like sampling, or the influences that flow almost freely in the studios … and that sometimes lead us, consciously, subconsciously, or only unconsciously to plagiarism? With the participation of Ricardo Ferreira (BLIM Records / AMAEI), composer Rui Ribeiro and a special international guest.


Come meet the music supervisors! Featuring 10 minute sessions with:

Markus Linde
Nis Bogvad
João Santos
Dan Burt
Eric Johnson

15:00 INES 4 – Festivals Panel

Palácio Vila Flor – Conference Room S2

Every year, Westway LAB introduces new festivals to its delegates. This year, from Romania, Carina Sava presents us “Mastering the Music Business”, an event, like Westway LAB itself, dedicated to sharing knowledge in the music industry; and Brian Hetherman presents Canadian Music Week (CMW), Canada’s premier professional event, in line with the Canada Country Focus promoted by CIMA at this year’s Westway LAB.

16:00 International Keynote Interview: TBA

Palácio Vila Flor – Venue TBC

17:00 INES 5 – Teosto Future Labs

Palácio Vila Flor – Conference Room S2

Turo Pekari, from the Finnish Rights Society TEOSTO, presents:

“Future of music funding – new funding framework 2021-27: 
Exploring possibilities of collaboration and increasing knowledge share and learning from existing EU-funded music networks and new emerging initiatives”
(Teosto Futures Lab EU-funding actions and plans 2019)

Also feel free to arrange a one-on-one meeting with Turo at the Westway LAB Lounge to discuss further!

18:30 Artist Talks

Friday April 12th

10:00 INES 6 – Digital Distribution & Promotion

Palácio Vila Flor – Conference Room S2

Level: UP, the first Portuguese digital distributor, associate of AMAEI and MERLIN, promotes a panel on digital distribution, inviting Robin Vincent, Deezer playlister, and Wesley A’Harrah, digital consultant (formerly MusicAlly) and marketing expert digital for a discussion on digital distribution, promotion and marketing.

11:00 Westway PRO: Canada Country Focus Panel

Palácio Vila Flor – Conference Room S4

Trisha Carter, Music Export Manager at CIMA – Canadian Independent Music Association, moderates a featured guest country presentation panel at Westway 2019, Canada; with professionals in the sectors of recorded music, music publishing, Canadian agents and festivals including Jodie Ferneyhough (CCS Rights), Gourmet Delice (Bonsound), Alison Outhit (Six Shooter Records), Brian Hetherman (Canadian Music Week) and others TBA.

11:30 INES 7 – European Radio Plugging

Palácio Vila Flor – Conference Room S2

Jeroen Siebens, radio plugger / promoter of new music to university and/or public radio stations throughout Europe, comes to Westway LAB to talk about the importance of airplay – even in the digital age; and how it is (relatively!) easy to test new music in new radio markets.

12:00 National Keynote Speaker – TBA

Palácio Vila Flor – Conference Room S2

15:00 Westway PRO: Europe in Synch Project Presentation
Palácio Vila Flor – Conference Room S4

Public presentation of the “Music Moves Europe” project “Europe in Synch”; first findings from the workshop held on the first day of Westway LAB and future Europe in Synch workshop announcements.

16:00 WESTWAY LAB LOUNGE: Canada Speed Meetings

16:30 INES 8 – Music Moves Europe: the latest news from Brussels

Palácio Vila Flor – Conference Room S2

Susana Costa Pereira from the Portuguese Creative Europe Desk presents a session with the latest news from the Creative Europe program as well as the preparatory actions of Music Moves Europe.

19:00 – Canada Country Focus Reception, Paço dos Duques Castle

Saturday April 13th

10:00 Sessão GDA: New platforms for the live circulation of artists
Palácio Vila Flor – Conference Room S2

The GDA Foundation presents two innovative platforms that aim to promote the circulation of Portuguese (and other!) artists. Details TBC.

11:00 WHY Portugal Presents: State of the Art of the Portuguese Music Industry: Where are we & where are we going?

PAC Black Box

Westway LAB, in partnership with the portuguese music export office WHY Portugal, organizes this forum of debate on the state of Portuguese music, at home and abroad, dealing with the most pertinent current themes as well as the internationalization of national music. It will discuss the important steps taken in the last couple of years, exploring the various support mechanisms and strategies of public and private entities, and outlining the current state of export with a view to new paths to follow.

12:00 Closing Address


Westway Lab Festival is a collaborative platform, a living and organic laboratory, of experimentation and stimulus to creativity whose goal is to bring together, in the same city, acclaimed and emerging, international and national, innovative and purists artists during a period of music creation, video, urban interventions, architecture and thought played out through the development of activities such as artistic residencies, creative ateliers, showcases, concerts and talks.

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