Allan McGowan has some forty years plus of experience in the advertising, music and entertainment industries. He has worked in record retail, and as a concert promoter, artist manager, and booking agent. At present he is News Editor for Vip News, an on-line data and news service for the live music industry, and is Associate Editor of IQ Magazine – the monthly journal of the International Live Music Conference.
He also administrates music-publishing company Wintrup Songs Ltd.He has consulted to many international trade events including the ILMC in London, Noorderslag Seminar/Eurosonic Festival in Holland, and MaMa Paris He has moderated panels and presented on stage interviews at Midem, SXSW, the Amsterdam Dance Event, the Great Escape in Brighton, the Reeperbahn Campus Hamburg, as well as events in Scotland, Finland, Norway, Hungary, Estonia, Luxembourg, Sweden and others.

Brian Hetherman
Record Label / Management / Consulting


Carina Sava
Artist Manager Agentia de Vise / Conference Program Manager Mastering the Music Business
Bucharest, Romania

Carina Sava is an Artist Manager at Agentia de Vise, a Bucharest based artist development agency that manages all aspects of their artists’ careers including writing, recording, touring, publishing, brand partnerships, merchandise, endorsements, theatre, television and publicity. Agentia de Vise’s roster includes established artists such as VAMA – top Romanian pop rock band, Tudor Chirila – actor and musician, Zoli TOTH – breakthrough experimental electronic act.
Carina is a founding member of Romanian Artist Worldwide Association and the Conference Program Manager of Mastering the Music Business (MMB), the leading Romanian music conference and showcase event that takes place every year in March in Bucharest.


David Ferreira (n. 1954) studied History at the Faculty of Letters of Lisbon but did not finish the course.
He worked for almost 40 years in the music business and industry (Valentim de Carvalho, EMI-Valentim de Carvalho, David Ferreira Investidas Editoriais). Between 1983 and 2007, he directed EMI-Valentim de Carvalho (which eventually became EMI Music Portugal), a company that during this quarter of a century was a leader or vice-leader of the market and the largest publisher of Portuguese Music. When he left EMI in 2007, he was vice president of EMI Iberia.
Especially between the late 1980s and 2007, he was very involved in the activities of I.F.P.I. and of the Portuguese association of phonographic publishers, of which he was director and president. He participated in actions to defend Intellectual Property, both in Portugal and the European Commission.
Never losing his taste for research, he worked extensively in the restoration and publication of the national record collection and in particular the work of Amália Rodrigues.He worked with artists such as Amália, Rui Veloso, Madredeus, GNR, Sérgio Godinho, António Variações, Vitorino, Camané, Jorge Palma, Carlos Paião, José Mário Branco, Trovante, Seventh Legion, Humans, Mariza, Aldina Duarte, Mafalda Veiga, Nuno da Câmara Pereira, Marco Paulo, Da Weasel, Clã, António Pinho Vargas or Manuel João Vieira.
Since 2011 he has been working regularly on public radio RTP – Antena 1, obtaining for his weekly program “The Scene of Hate” the award of Best Radio Program, awarded by the SPA in 2013, and dedicating in the daily line ” To Tell” a particular attention to the History of Portuguese Popular Music.In recent years he has also organized and presented courses on the History of Popular Music.

Davide Mancini is a 100% music lover. Is a former musician (singer and a guitarist), journalist and radio speaker/DJ and director, that through the years has become, a promoter, producer, booking agent, and a manager.
In 2000 he created “Musicastrada” a company based in Tuscany, Italy, where he lives still now, that organizes e manage many cultural and music events.
In 2010 he founded “Musicastrada Booking & Management”, an agency for the promotion, booking, and organization of tours in Europe and beyond, of Italian and international bands, especially of world folk rock and all that is “global”.
He is the general manager of the “Musicastrada Festival”, since 2000 the itinerant event focused on world music, photography, and territory promotion based in Tuscany (Italy), usually from the half of July to the Half of August and considered a “boutique festival”

With European Radio Plugging Jeroen Siebens offers a personalized radio promotion service to around 450 curated European radio stations comprising most public broadcasters as well as curated college and regional/local radio stations.
He has been working with bands and artists from different European countries such as Austria, Belgium, Sweden, Canada, Switzerland, Portugal, Estonia, Romania, Hungary, Luxemburg etc…
He is also involved in management of artists like Mickey and Gin Ga…

Turo Pekari, Senior advisor, innovation and discovery at Teosto

Turo is an innovation specialist, researcher and ecosystem builder, who leads Teosto Futures Lab innovation platform of Teosto. Established in 2016, Teosto Futures Lab has been in the forefront changing the way how music rights management organisations work. Turo’s experience ranges from blockchain and affective tech to music education as well as data-driven innovation and API economy.
Turo is an expert in open innovation, future technologies, music metadata, startup advisory, innovation policy and funding mechanisms. Turo is a regular speaker in music and tech events like Sonar+D, Eurosonic, MWC, Nylon Connect, MusicBiz, Primavera Pro, Slush Music, BIME & C/O Pop. Teosto is the society of musical authors and publishers in Finland.

Wesley is the founder of Hyper Orange, a New York-based consultancy that services marketing tech companies across music. Hyper Orange’s focus is on helping companies raise investment and build business-to-creator products. Wesley also manages GENIUS, an Atlanta-based artist and entrepreneur, and RARE SOUND, a label that grows subgenres through international crossovers.
Previously, Wesley led Music Ally’s b2b training on a global level, with clients including all of the major and largest independent record labels and publishing companies, brands such as Red Bull, tech companies such as Facebook, and music services such as Spotify. Wesley also led the development and launch of a music business curriculum at LIMPI, a one-year intensive music production/songwriting program in Norway featuring Stargate, Espionage, Emily Warren and Axident among its recurring visiting mentors.
Wesley holds an M.A. in Global Entertainment and Music Business with a specialization in Technology from Berklee College of Music.

Westway Lab Festival is a collaborative platform, a living and organic laboratory, of experimentation and stimulus to creativity whose goal is to bring together, in the same city, acclaimed and emerging, international and national, innovative and purists artists during a period of music creation, video, urban interventions, architecture and thought played out through the development of activities such as artistic residencies, creative ateliers, showcases, concerts and talks.

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