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Portuguese INES#talents


The second round of INES#talents from Austria (Waves Vienna), Czech Republic (Nouvelle Prague), Germany (gigmit & c/o pop Festival), Hungary (Budapest Showcase Hub), Italy (Linecheck), Luxembourg (Sonic Visions), Poland (Spring Break), Portugal (Westway LAB Festival), Slovenia (MENT Ljubljana), Spain (Monkey Week), Sweden (LIVE AT HEART) and the United Kingdom (Liverpool Sound City) includes 10 Portuguese projects, 3 from Guimarães (MathildaMister RolandParaguaii).

Listen to all new talents here:

INES Showcase Festival Network


Westway LAB in action at Waves Vienna

“Who is INES Showcase Festival Network?” conference at Waves Vienna 2018 with Westway LAB Festival

WL at Waves Vienne_Who is INES.jpeg

Waves Vienna 2018 is about to start with Portugal as a country focus

Only one day left till Waves Vienna 2018 start!  

Having Portugal as a country focus in this edition of the Austrian showcase festival, #WestwayLAB will be there to be part of “Who is INES Showcase Festival Network?” conference, among with Why Portugal that will show all about the new Portuguese music ecosystem, as well as many portuguese artists: Rodrigo Leão, VaarwellHoly NothingNoiservSurmaGrandFather’s House, Mister Teaser:papercutzThe Miami FluWe Bless This Mess.

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Open Call for Westway LAB 2019



The 6th edition of #WestwayLAB takes place from April 10 to 13 and the candidacies to be part of the festival are already open!

After the biggest ever edition (the 5th), with 28 Concerts, City Showcases, Artistic Residencies, PRO Conferences and Talks, Westway LAB is preparing to once again bring together the public, artists and professionals from the music industry, all in Guimarães.

It is in this path that Westway LAB will continue to be an international territory of creation, networking and enjoyment in the universe of music.




Portuguese #INEStalent at Live at Heart

LIVE AT HEART, one of the partners of INES Showcase Festival Network along with Westway LAB Festival, runs until September 8 in Örebro, Sweden.

Happy to have a bunch of portuguese projects selected trough #INEStalent – artists recommended by #WestwayLAB – and a special taste for Mister Roland, who participated in the last edition of the festival in Guimarães.

WESTWAY LAB FESTIVAL 1.0 (Guimarães 2014)

E aqui está o vídeo resumo dos momentos que rechearam WestWay Lab Festival 1.0!
Residências Artísticas, Talks, Showcases, Debates, Workshops, Keynote speeches e Concertos constituíram o programa do primeiro momento do festival, entre os dias 01 e 19 de abril, em Guimarães, com a participação de artistas e profissionais do universo musical nacional e internacional.

And here is the summary video of moments that marked the WestWay Lab Festival 1.0!
Artist Residencies, Talks, Showcases, Debates, Workshops, Keynote speeches and Concerts filled this first moment of the festival, between 01 and 19 April in Guimarães, with the participation of artists and professionals of the national and international musical universe.

Concerto dos We Trust encerra WestWay Lab 2.0

O segundo momento do WestWay Lab termina com um concerto dos We Trust, projeto que tem como mentor André Tentugal e que se tem vindo a afirmar junto dos fãs e da crítica, confirmando o talento desta banda emergente.
Após dois anos de retiro criativo, os We Trust inauguram assim a sua tour 2014 no #CCVF, em #Guimarães, para apresentar o novo trabalho, cujo single de apresentação é uma canção épica dedicada às pessoas e que muitos já chamam de hino – “We Are The Ones” -, um apelo ao positivismo, um grito de esperança, esse motor que faz com que o mundo não pare de girar.
Os bilhetes para o concerto já se encontram disponíveis neste link. Mais informação em

The second moment of WestWay Lab ends with a concert by We Trust, a project mentored by André Tentúgal that has been hailed among public and the specialty media critics, confirming the talent of this emerging band.
After two years on creative retreat, a first sample of his new album has been released, the premiere single, “We Are The Ones,” which has been winning over all who have heard it. This is an impressive song dedicated to people, one which many have hailed as a hymn, a song which rallies to the notion of unity and change.

Tickets for the concert are now available at this link. More information at

Ghost Capsules + José Figueiredo (lab experiment #2)

Novo vídeo da criação musical dos GHOST CAPSULES (Laura Gomez e Georg Lichtenauer) com José Figueiredo (peixe : avião), resultado da sua residência artística e participação no WestWayLab Festival 1.0, em Guimarães.

New music video of Ghost Capsules (Laura Gomez and Georg Lichtenauer) with José Figueiredo (peixe : avião), a result of their residency and participation at WestWayLab Festival 1.0 in Guimarães.