INES#talent 2021 Open Call extendend until August 16

You still have the chance! We opened a new window for you to submit your INES#talent 2021 application. Deadline has been extended until August 16. The INES#talent status is valid for 2 days and is a quality stamp to export your music to Europe, don’t miss you chance.

Apply now to increase your chances to get booked at some of the 20 INES showcase festival participating: @budapestshowcasehub @copopfestival @springbreakshowcase @focuswales @kontakt_beograd @linecheckfestival @liveatheart @liverpoolsoundcity @m4musicfestival @ment_ljubljana @monkey_week @musicshowcasegr @nouvelleprague @pinmusiconference @sharpefestival @svfestival @wavesvienna @westwaylab and @whatsnextinmusic

The Impact Of Corona On The Live Music Industry & Lockdown Learnings

At a time of great complexity and uncertainty, it seems incredible that almost everything comes down to a very simple question: what now? It is that question that we ask at many crossroads in our lives and from which so many others derive. Immediately, we will have to learn to take care of each other, in the artistic communities and direct the efforts of the creative industry to minimize the impacts on the conditions in which we live, in order to remain creative.

The gigmit platform with which Westway LAB is associated promoted a debate around several realms of interest to namely musicians, agents and concert promoters. The conversation with artist Kalben from Turkey; Thomas Heher, from the Waves Vienna festival (our fellow at INES Showcase Festival Network) and Marcus Fitzgerald from the gigmit platform, is available online on Youtube.

INES#talent 2021 Call

Applications for INES#talent call for the 2021 pool is open and running until the end of July. Artists can now apply following the link below. This is a chance to play live in showcase festivals around Europe. INES Showcase Festival Network has 20 festivals in 19 European countries. 2021 pool will select over 70 artists that may have the chance to show their work to international bookers and record labels.

INES is co-founded by the Creative Europe Programme from the European Union and powered by gigmit.

Apply now here


Established in 2014, Westway LAB hosted a total of 74 artists in residency so far, in Candoso Creation Centre, during its 6 editions.

A lot of new music was created, new projects were born and most of all, a lot of value was added to these artists’ musical path. Be it by provoking the evolution of their creative process or through connections made during the festival, which boosted their touring circuit.

Considering that this year’s edition was transposed from spring to fall and considering that these confinement times are keeping us apart, we felt it was the moment to bring back the importance of being together by calling these artists to ask them how their Westway LAB experience was.

Next Friday, May 8, we’ll start to publish small videos with testimonials from some artists that were involved on the Artist Residencies, during those 6 editions of Westway LAB.

The first goal of this is bringing forth the real feeling of building a true community and breaking boundaries together. The second goal is finding ways to shape new collective projects that will fit in tomorrow’s reality.

We hope you get inspired by these messages as the future will push us into new creative challenges together.

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Allan McGowan: “things that went on then were unbelievable”

Allan McGowan who was conference speaker at the 2019 edition of Westway LAB, has a handful of stories about music business where he himself acts as a character. He started working on record stores and then joined Chrysalis Agency.

From an aspiring artist (he was into drawing art) to a wide circuit agent, McGowan was among the first agents that booked tours in different countries in Europe. He was at MIDEM when the music business really started its grand transformations.

With all this experience, Allan McGowan is a respected speaker and moderator in conferences around the world. This is an in-depth interview to Pollstar website that is worth to watch or read here ➞


Westway Lab Festival is a collaborative platform, a living and organic laboratory, of experimentation and stimulus to creativity whose goal is to bring together, in the same city, acclaimed and emerging, international and national, innovative and purists artists during a period of music creation, video, urban interventions, architecture and thought played out through the development of activities such as artistic residencies, creative ateliers, showcases, concerts and talks.