Established in 2014, Westway LAB hosted a total of 74 artists in residency so far, in Candoso Creation Centre, during its 6 editions.

A lot of new music was created, new projects were born and most of all, a lot of value was added to these artists’ musical path. Be it by provoking the evolution of their creative process or through connections made during the festival, which boosted their touring circuit.

Considering that this year’s edition was transposed from spring to fall and considering that these confinement times are keeping us apart, we felt it was the moment to bring back the importance of being together by calling these artists to ask them how their Westway LAB experience was.

Next Friday, May 8, we’ll start to publish small videos with testimonials from some artists that were involved on the Artist Residencies, during those 6 editions of Westway LAB.

The first goal of this is bringing forth the real feeling of building a true community and breaking boundaries together. The second goal is finding ways to shape new collective projects that will fit in tomorrow’s reality.

We hope you get inspired by these messages as the future will push us into new creative challenges together.

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